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Happy Teachers Day Date 2015, When is Teachers Day India

‘Teachers day’ is a day which is meant for the teachers of our nation . This is the day when we get a scope to show respect and love towards our teachers. So this day is celebrated in India with lot of zeal and vigour.

Teachers can be considered to be the pillar of the nation as they are responsible for creating the future generation. So in a way future of a country depends on them. Their significance towards the society is immense and parents treat them as God. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September, every year. Schools of our country perform some cultural functions and various fun activities to greet the teachers and their contribution towards the society.

When is Teachers Day 2015

Teachers’ day is one of the most important upcoming event of India on coming 5th September.Like any other year, all the schools and educational institutes will celebrate this day with glorious cultural programs, this can be also termed as a Historical date as our president, Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was born on this date.

Teachers Day History India

Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan has devoted his entire life in teaching people whole life. He has started understanding to implement new techniques in teaching because of which this day is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. The entire day is dedicated to the teachers of the nation and many celebrations are organized by our government as well. The Central Government greets the best teachers of the nation, those who have gave their best efforts towards attaining a bright future for the country. Happy Teachers Day date 2015 is a special day which will be dedicated towards such noble teachers for whom we take pride. The state governments also helped in organizing some functions, where they congratulate teachers for their contribution and dedicated towards the society.

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Happy Teachers Day Date 2015, When is Teachers Day India

This is considered to be a  National festival and due to that many notable organizations also offer  exciting prizes and gifts to our teachers. This is considered as one of the most respectful days after Independence Day and Republic Day. Students can browse internet to avail more information regarding the teachers day. They can also make judgements various valuable quotes and messages for their teachers.

A teacher can make or break future of a student. It is rightly said that if a student is having a right teacher in his life, he don’t need to visit any astrologer to predict his life. This teacher student relationship has originated from ancient time and today also teachers have a respectful position in the society.

Indian teachers are greeted and treated for their knowledge in other parts of the world as well. Several People from various countries also come and learn from our gurus because here only teaching is treated and worshipped as a respectful profession.

Messages that students can send to their beloved teachers:

  1. The mediocre te@cher tells. The g00d te@cher explains. The sUpeRior tEacHer radem:onstr@tes. The gre@t teacher inspIres.
  2. Be @ CaNdle, Be @ Light, Be @ Twi|\|kle, Be @ H0pe, Be @n InspiRaTion, Be @ Gre@t Te@cher F0rever.! haPPy Te@(hErs Day..!
    @ Te@(HER Effet$ tHe ETertnity, It nEvEr kn0w$ where it will st0P.

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